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Friday, December 8, 2017

On my guitar page  I just now uploaded a video of how I attempt to play Darin Aldridge's guitar arrangement of 'The Last Thing on His Mind' by Dennis Duff.  (Videos are in alphabetical order).   I also added there a video in which I very slowly play the introduction to the song and another video in which I very slowly play a couple of other parts of the song.  It turned out to be pretty difficult (for me) to quickly learn to play this song at normal speed using a flat pick like Darin does, since I am not really a bluegrass guitar picker (but you don't have to be a bluegrass picker to master it).  So on the full speed video I wore my banjo picks and played it 3-finger style.  I am still learning to play the song correctly even that way, but hopefully these videos can help you also learn to play it.  If some parts of it seem to difficult for your current level of ability, just try to simplify what you are doing.  It is mainly a vocalist's song, so the guitar doesn't have to do a lot of complicated stuff to make it a great song.  Often "simpler" sounds "better" anyway.

As a reminder, I also put the words and chords to this song down at the bottom in my music and tab section (which is in alphabetical order).

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A week or so ago I first heard this wonderful song written by Dennis Duff and beautifully sung by Darin and Brooke Aldridge.  It is called "The Last Thing on His Mind".  I typed out the words and chords and posted them in the tab section at the very bottom of this blog (tabs are in alphabetical order).  (The words I found various places on the Internet were all full of errors).   I may also make and add a slow video of my attempts to replicate some of Darin's beautiful guitar music as he plays it on this song.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Today I uploaded a video to the guitar page of how I play Michael Card's beautiful song, "The Gentle Healer."  This is based on the arrangement by Selah, which has a key change half way through.  The first 2 verses are in A and the last 2 are in B.  Our Praise Band recently led worship using this arrangement.  Because our piano player was away for a few weeks, I tried to duplicate a lot of the Selah piano part on the guitar.  To help you out with learning the song, I also uploaded the chords that I play, which includes some diagrams of what I do in the transition between verses.  This is at the bottom of the blog, where my tabs are located.  Songs there are in alphabetical order.