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Banjo - other instructional videos

This page has bluegrass and other banjo instructional videos. There is another page for the praise and gospel banjo videos.

I try to play these slowly so that you can follow what my fingers are doing.  Also check out my banjo tablature at the bottom of my blog.  Not all of the videos have tab yet and not all of the tabs have video.

Angeline the Baker (D) 

The banjo is in standard tuning except the 5th string is elevated to an "A" by using a 5th string capo.  (you can also do it by putting a small dowel under the string). Listen to a sample of an Angeline the Baker mp3  The sample is from Another Life CD by a group called Guerin Bridge Road.

Arkansas Traveler (D) (same tuning as Angeline the Baker above)
I first learned this song from the Melodic Banjo book listed on my Resources page, but it was in the key of G and most people play this song in the key of D, so I arranged it in that key.

Ashokan Farewell (D)

The banjo is in standard tuning except the 5th string is elevated to an "A" by using a 5th string capo. (you can also do it by putting a small dowel under the string). listen to Ashokan Farewell fiddle mp3
This song became well known due to being featured in the Civil War documentary (although it is actually a new song). If you want to see the soundtrack of that movie, click here: The Civil War - Traditional American Songs And Instrumental Music Featured In The Film By Ken Burns: Original Soundtrack Recording

Ballad of Jed Clampett (G)
(Theme from "The Beverly Hillbillies")

This song is on my favorite bluegrass album. To see the album click here:Flatt & Scruggs at Carnegie Hall !

The Bells of St Marys (G)
This is a simple arrangement of a beautiful song that is sometimes played at festival jam sessions. 

Blackberry Blossom (G)

Bye Bye Blues (C)

Cripple Creek (G)
This is often the first song a person learns on the banjo. I think this is very similar to the version in Earl Scruggs book where I first learned it around 1974.

Cripple Creek - melodic break in G

Dear Old Dixie (G)

Dueling Banjos (G)

listen to a sample of a Dueling Banjos mp3

Down Yonder (G)

Fireball Mail (G)

Flint Hill Special (G) (Instructional speed)

Flint Hill Special (moderate speed)

I included this because it gives more of an idea of how the D-tuner part is supposed to sound.

Foggy Mountain Breakdown (G)

Home Sweet Home (C)

This is in C-tuning, which means to tune the 4th string down to a "C". All other strings remain as normal.

Little Rock Getaway (C)

I learned Little Rock Getaway from two sources. One was from Don Wayne Reno's DVD about how to play Don Reno's banjo style. The other was from watching Bill Knopf play it.

Watch Bill Knopf play it

Man of Constant Sorrow (G)

In the movie they do it in the key of F, but most people can sing it in G and find it easier to play there. 
Here is a link to a neat version by Blue Highway that I heard about on BanjoHangout.com Blue Highway

The Old Spinning Wheel (C)

This is in standard G-tuning, but played in the key of C. You can use either a pull-off or a push-off on the first string, whichever is easier. They will sound about the same.

Ragtime Annie (D)
I arranged this back in August of 2012 and totally forgot about it afterwards.  Here it is 11 months later and I discovered the video I made back then.  This one is fairly easy to play compared to the other two banjo arrangements I uploaded today (Whiskey Before Breakfast and Arkansas Traveler).  Like those, it uses standard G tuning, except that the 5th string is either tuned to an A or else use a capo or railroad spike to raise it to an A.

Red Haired Boy (A)

Remington Ride (G)

I learned this from a Don Reno recording.    Listen to a sample of Don Reno playing Remington Ride

Shenandoah (G)

Soldier's Joy (D)
This is a popular tune with the fiddlers.
The banjo is in standard G-tuning except that the 5th string is capoed at the 7th fret.  Another way to do it is to tune the 5th string up to an A, or to put a golf tee under the 5th string at the 7th fret.

Waiting for the Sunrise (G)
I love Don Reno's arrangement of this song.  My version is, of course, much simpler than his.

Whiskey Before Breakfast (D)
This is a fiddle song that is played very frequently up at the fiddler's festival at Union Grove.  I had always played only accompaniment to it, but finally decided to arrange a lead for it on the banjo.