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Guitar - praise videos (and other)

I originally made this type of "quick and dirty" videos to help a friend of mine learn them.  He said that they really helped them.  So even if my playing is not perfect, hopefully they will help you too.  Since I usually play the guitar rather than lead the singing, I sometimes don't know the melodies or timing of the vocal parts too well . . . but that will soon be obvious to you.  : )    The idea is to let you see what my left hand is doing.

Better is One Day by Matt Redman

Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman

Come, Now is the Time to Worship by Brian Doerksen

Come Thou Fount

This one obviously isn't a praise song, but it is one that lots of guitar players want to learn, so I put it here. 
Dueling Banjos (aka Fueding Banjos) by Arthur Smith


The Gentle Healer - by Michael Card.  Arrangement by Selah.

Holy is the Lord

"Humble King" by Benton Brown
Here is a link to a video of "Humble King" being beautifully sung with choir accompaniment:  Humble King with Choir
Immortal, Invisible I Surrender All

I Will Offer Up My Life by Matt Redmon

Jesus Messiah

The Last Thing on His Mind - Duff, Aldridge-like arrangement (chords and words are at the bottom of this blog in the tab section).

The Last Thing on His Mind (Intro played slowly)

The Last Thing on His Mind (other parts of song played slowly)

Offering by Paul Beloche

The Old Rugged Cross (G)

Praise the Father, Praise the Son (C)

Under the Double Eagle (Key of C).  I learned to play this from the Bluegrass Guitar book listed on my resources page.  This is just C, G7 and F.  I don't use my pinky finger at all (but it sometimes looks like I am using it).

What Child is This (Greensleeves)